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3. Leinenkugels Honey Weiss
I wasn't even aware that was a wheat beer, but it's the only one on your list that I've ever tasted. I'd rate it as OK. The name is a bit deceptive as you might expect something that tastes sweet, but it's not. It seems to have just a tiny bit of honey to help offset the bitter taste that is typical of beer. It's not bad, but IMO it's simply not worth the price. The only other Leinenkugels product I've tried is Berry Weiss, now that stuff is really sweet (and higher in calories as a result of all that added sugar).

If I'm looking for taste, I wouldn't buy any beer. I've found that I much prefer hard cider (fermented apple juice). It's packaged in brown bottles just like beer, but it has a pleasant taste totally devoid of the bitter taste that is a hallmark of beers.

I'll assume Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is a wheat beer given the name. Good as far as beers go, but definitely not worth the price.

I can't say I love the taste of beer, so to me it's simply a means to an end. Thus, I'd simply buy 4 pints of Steel Reserve for $1.99. That's a brew with no pretense -- it's made to get you loaded as cheaply as possible.
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