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I have come to the conclusion yesterday lying in Bed and thinking about my live, SA and in which direction I am going that bottom line is I have to learn how to live alone most of the time and accept it and to not lower my life worth by being alone.

I don't need to tell you, suffering from SA, that a big part of SAD is being alone, because being with others makes you feel like crap or compeltly nervous. You cant enjoy what you are supposed to be enjoying or you wanting so hard to.
I sure want to be with people and socialize but every time I do, I cant wait to get out of it and regret doing it.

So I end up alone, I want to get better being alone, to enjoy my time doing stuff alone and not feeling bad because I am alone most of the time. I am good in it already, nevertheless, there are certain moments when i really want to be with someone else.
The last week I was on holiday alone, and it was the worst. I couldn't enjoy it although i was in a wonderful place and the weather was great but I felt like an alien under all this people there. I was glad being at home again.
Oh I have to mention that I live alone in my house and i work but mostly for myself.

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Good, you have realized, that it is not so scary to be alone. Could it help you in the battle against SA? Really, the worst thing somebody can do to you is to reject. That is their worst weapon. But you already know you can handle it by youself! You don't need anyone to survive. :)
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