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Ok, so I imagine everybody understands how horrible it is being forced into an uncomfortable social situation, and i'm sure most of you will agree that being in such a forced situation really doesn't help overcome SA. But i'm interested to know what sort of things people have done INTENTIONALLY to put themselves into what they perceive to be an unpleasant social situation (of which you had slight control), or the ways in which people have leaned into their fears where the choice has been their own .
For me I try and make small talk with customers at work regarding topics of personal interest, I have also intentionally gone to the supermarket quite a few times looking really out of place (like by having wacky hair that I wouldn't normally dream of and wearing rather 'odd' clothing that I would also never dream of wearing).
Might sound minor I know, but once you do these rather odd things (as viewed by society) and you don't have any negative feedback, then you start to gain more confidence.
So does anybody else have any of their own similar success stories?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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