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Lack of support

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With the lack of support I've experienced from friends and especially family, I wonder how the support is for everyone else. With my family, they actively collude against me/spread lies about me with the intention of either suppressing me or saving their own rears from the liabilities that they had from witnessing, second-hand, the traumatic events I have been through. Does your friends and family know you have SA? Is there anyone you are able to trust implicitly? I hope that I am in the minority here. Though, unfortunately, I've learned the hard way that many people around me are very very corrupt and selfish.
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My mom and grandma do. The rest of my family, save for a few cousins and aunts, couldn't give two s***s about me. I come from a very dysfunctional family, and we're not a close family. Add in that I seem to be the odd man out (never had a girlfriend, never been married, still in college at my age, don't have a job), and they treat me like I'm tainted or damaged. My uncle has even treated me like I'm mentally retarded, which made me really angry at one point. I felt like throwing something at him.

I would never get support from this family. I don't really have one.
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