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Lack of support

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With the lack of support I've experienced from friends and especially family, I wonder how the support is for everyone else. With my family, they actively collude against me/spread lies about me with the intention of either suppressing me or saving their own rears from the liabilities that they had from witnessing, second-hand, the traumatic events I have been through. Does your friends and family know you have SA? Is there anyone you are able to trust implicitly? I hope that I am in the minority here. Though, unfortunately, I've learned the hard way that many people around me are very very corrupt and selfish.
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I've never fully explained it to anyone. It's hard to unless the other person can relate, and you'd pretty much have to have it to relate. My parents understood a little, just that I was painfully shy, and were supportive, but they're both dead now. My siblings I believe think I'm just lazy and unmotivated. I'm the baby of the family, and I think they see me as just that a "baby." There's no sympathy or support there for sure. I don't talk about it because I assume they'd think it was an excuse. In times past when I've talked about my anxiety, I'd get a response like, "Oh everybody gets nervous" so I quit talking about it. I have my children and my dogs, but they don't really know what social anxiety is I don't think, with the exception of one of my dogs -- he totally gets me. He cries and howls when I leave the house without him my oldest son told me, and he doesn't stop crying until I get back. He knows I'm not okay out there alone. :O)
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