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Slightly midrange eel
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Well, this is a simple request but extremely hard to actually achieve.

I am and have always been a HUGE Keytronic KT2001 Ergoforce fan. The buttons with their Ergoforce weighted sensation was just marvelous in lack of a better word.
I have a slight impediment in my left hand and the KT2001 was the only keyboard that allowed me good keyboard usage out of my left hand playing FPS games.

Most gaming keyboards have impressive specifications and cherry switches and everything. But cherry switches aren't my left hand's friends. So I'm looking for a keyboard with at least close to the feel of the KT2001. Gaming or media keyboard with media buttons and maybe even some macro possibilities. Preferable simplistic and stylish with gaming capabilities. I'd very much rather not have a pimped out keyboard with LED's for every key and a freaking Christmas tree decoration all over the place. If it has them, I'd LOVE to be able to at least switching the damn lights off. A keyboard that has caught my interest is the Gigabyte Aivia K8100 but I know it doesn't have membrane switches, it is however weighted and stylistically simple, and with a great macro setup.

Well, that's it. I NEED a keyboard that has the feel of a KT2001 but with modern features! Preferable sold in Europe and with a Swedish layout, but I can be flexible about that, you can still use a US keyboard with Swedish settings and get most right even tho the keys would be re-arranged to the Swedish layout.

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