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Hey guys, Ive made a few posts here, Im 34 and got my S.A from over drug use in my late teens to early twenties, ( speed,l.s.d, exctasy, coke, blah blah blah , you name it.., It seemed to have f*cked up my amigdala and other internal brain workings, before I messed with these drugs I was, "dare I say, even an extrovert!", never shy, always had a huge amount of friends always comfortable in myself, my story goes that I abused recreational drugs big time! as so did many of my peers at the time, a lot of them are on life long meds now, my S.A started when I came off drugs, without going into years of stories and how this and that happened, I know how to get better, problem is while I know all this Its extremly difficult putting it into action, untill I finally decided to get klonopin from my doctor,
without over exagerating this guys ...... klonopin is exactly what ive been looking for and im pissed I didnt know about it 10 years ago,
to me k-pin has given me my life back!!, I feel like I used to before I had S.A, my S.A is at the point where I dont give a **** if it takes meds to make me feel normal, I obviously NEED it!, something aint working right in my head compared to other people and klonopin fixes that!, I never knew my anxiety was so bad until I started on k-pin, BTW Im a normally functioning 34 y old guy with a g.f and his own business and I feel perfectly normal (bar S.A of course) no wierd thoughs and have been raised very well with a great family backround) sorry to go on just wanted to get that out of the way , that Im not a crack pot or hypochondriac,
unfortunatley I have S.A and no matter what ive done in the past I cant break through it, Ive socialized and socialized very succesfully but always hiding S.A, its always there, now with k-pin i feel I can go that step further and finally crush this f*cking thing, (with further exposure and cbt of course, while on k-pin),
Please dont respond with negative stories of klonopin, (Ive read them all, Its really working for me so that all I care about, my Question is, sorry for boring you guys with the long speel... my question is my doc only prescribed me 6 months of k-pin so I gotta see a shrink to get a prescription for the long term or what ever..the next year or so, so question is does anyone know if you can get proper klonopin online?
not fake generic ****e,
sorry for boring u guys with long post, thanks for reading
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