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Just really happy... so weee

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I'm in a good mood and so desiding to express myself n such silly stuff.

I've been dating this gal for over a month now and doing great. We've known eachother longer thou. I'm really happy with her and just feel really great n stuff. I want to make her happy and be with her all the time. She's awesome... she's sweet, funny, nice, cool personality and stuff. We talk all the time and see eachother when we can, its real nice when I have her with me. I'm in love with her and care so about her.

Anywho thats my rant and I'm happy :D
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Nice, come back to this thread and tell more us about your romantic travels and sweet stories. Its real good to hear that happiness and positivity is still around and forever thriving around here. Keep the happiness turned waaaay up!!!
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