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I don't wanna get carried away bragging too much . I mean ..... I didn't get laid , it was like a different sort of Transformation ... and I feel so ****ing good about the Awesome night I just had at the bar ...

I met a cute , skinny .. half-Russian , half-Maori chick who suddenly came up to me on the dance floor and started cuddling me .... and tongue kissing me , too .

She told me that I'm really fun to be around with .... and I don't know , it was like the Best thing anyone's ever told me ... because practically , nobody has Ever told me that in my Entire ****ing life . She told me that she doesn't have many friends ... and I told her the same thing .

She actually looked a little bit like the girl that I had a crush on .. last Christmas .... but I wasn't like Super-attracted to her . It's hard to tell .... I kinda miss her ..... even though I'm not 100% attracted to her . It's a very weird feeling to describe .

Maybe I'm just too picky .. shallow ... but that's a good thing , cause she ended up just talking with her friend , who was just about 'Begging' her Not to be a lesbian , or something ... it was sooo confusing . We were all in the girl's toilet while the conversation took place .

She ended up ignoring me at the end of the night . Girls are Weird man . lol

But it was a liberating experience ... because I don't think I wanna date her ... and she probably wouldn't wanna date me . I'm a weirdo .... even though I have gained the ability to appear Super-Normal every time I go to a bar .

I wanna wait until I meet the girl who's Just Right ... for me . And I bet she was feeling the same way .... even though she kept complimenting me all through the night and constantly telling me that I should be a Model .

The whole thing almost feels like a Lie . A Dream .

There were some guys who were hitting on me aggressively .. begging me to Stay at the bar ... and I flipped them the bird from the Window of the Taxi .... Tupac-STyle . lol
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