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For the first time in months i was forced by my parents to walk my dog today. Felt s.a. symptoms the moment i opened my door. Was kinda feeling better as i was going along but then a dog/owner was approching from behind me. Because my dog is inside alot he naturally wanted to socialize (how ironic) so despite my best efforts to try and pull him back eventually the other owner caught up to me. She was only a little girl (probley 12-14) but i felt that akwardness that we all know too well. I mustered up the courage to say hello which she responded with a "hi"" and that was that. I didn't die like i felt like doing at the moment and we both carried on. I work nights so, this was the first time in months that I was outdoors during the day and i felt so alive. Just breathing in the fresh air and taking in the sunlight altered my state of mind.

Im really enjoying the walk up to this point. Eventually I approach an intersection on the pathway. Im thinking to myself which one should i take when suddenly i hear the voices of a group of teen girls coming from one direction. I knew i couldn't handle the situation so i descided to take the other way home. As i turned the corner I saw the most beautiful girl approching me and i pretty much broke down. I put my head down and only glanced up at her once to notice she was staring back at me so i continued with my head focused on the pavement.

After a couple more minutes i arrived back on my street. I thought my adventure was over when i notice my neighbour down the street cleaning out his car. I approached his driveway and say hi and he responses by saying "hi pat" im thinking how the hell does he remember my name. i haven't taked to him in nearly 5 years. He made a comment about how soft my dog was and we made pretty good conversation even tho there were a few akward moments of silence. His wife then pulled up in the driveway with their dog on her lap. He eagerly jumped out of the car and started humping by dog which we all got a good laugh at. After alittle more talk we parted ways and i arrived back home.

All in all it was a really positive experience even tho i wish the situation with the girl went alittle better. This was the most social i have been (outside of work) in a long time. Next step for me....walk to the grocery store :clap:boogie:yay
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