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just curious if anyone has given colostrum a try

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I mentioned colostrum earlier on this site and nobody replied. I was just wondering if anyone gave it a try. It has really helped me out a lot with my s.a. and depression. I mentioned it at the sjw forum, and somebody tried it out and told me it was helping them out a lot just after the fourth day. I have recently been taking lemon balm as well and I feel like I have finally beaten my s.a. completely. The colostrum fixed my deep rooted s.a., like looking people in the eye and speaking with ease. And the lemon balm calmed my nerves and fear of people. It also makes me feel really good and normal. I've been talking to strangers like it was nothing. I used to not be able to get the words out of my mouth and now I enjoy talking. It's a complete turn around. I'v tried basically everything out there and nothing has done this for me. So if you are skeptical of trying anything else and you don't think you can get better. I would recommend these two things in a second. If you have deep rooted s.a. or just anxiety socially then you owe it to yourself to give them a try. It doesn't matter where you get them from as long as they are a reputable company.
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hi i have started taking colostrum based on your advice was taking two capsules twice a day but i mayb increase dose this is the third day im not to sure if its taking effect just yet but ill post again after a week or setup a new topic. ive also started taking some omega fat oils capsules as well to see if they can help.
i was wondering afdter eating colostrum on a empty stomach how long should i wait b4 i can eat other food?
After a week of trying colostrum i have to say i have noticed beneficial effects. Though it doesnt seem to treat my anxiety as such it has put me in a much better mood and given me more enthusiasm to try things out. This could be similar to what you experienced in that you felt more comfortable making eye contact etc. Of course its early days yet but i hope the effect sticks around. Anxiety i think will take a lot of long term work and effort on my part and im thinking after reading up on treatments such as cbt that i need to expose myself to the situations that im scared off. As my main problem seems to be that ive read up about is that i have an avoidant personality disorder. I know my fear is irrationial, and as well as replacing my negative thought processes with positive ones i need to be pro active about dealing with this. I dont think ive ever been so determined about this.

Dont expect miracles with this but if it puts you in a better frame of mind its got to be worth something hasnt it and at least this one doesnt kill my sex life:p Of course this could just be a placebo i hope not.
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1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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