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just curious if anyone has given colostrum a try

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I mentioned colostrum earlier on this site and nobody replied. I was just wondering if anyone gave it a try. It has really helped me out a lot with my s.a. and depression. I mentioned it at the sjw forum, and somebody tried it out and told me it was helping them out a lot just after the fourth day. I have recently been taking lemon balm as well and I feel like I have finally beaten my s.a. completely. The colostrum fixed my deep rooted s.a., like looking people in the eye and speaking with ease. And the lemon balm calmed my nerves and fear of people. It also makes me feel really good and normal. I've been talking to strangers like it was nothing. I used to not be able to get the words out of my mouth and now I enjoy talking. It's a complete turn around. I'v tried basically everything out there and nothing has done this for me. So if you are skeptical of trying anything else and you don't think you can get better. I would recommend these two things in a second. If you have deep rooted s.a. or just anxiety socially then you owe it to yourself to give them a try. It doesn't matter where you get them from as long as they are a reputable company.
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Colostrum is a body building supplement, but it's also good for a lot of other things as well. It is the nutrition produced from a cow's breast milk the first six hours after birth. It's not like milk peptides or any other supplement from milk. It hasn't been studied for anxiety disorders or depression, but since they've been researching it they've been finding out more and more good things about it. I heard about it from a friend who had depression and said it cured her. So I tried it, not thinking it would help me after trying sjw, anti-depressants and everything else. But after the third day from taking three twice a day on an empty stomache I felt an immediate difference. It cured my deep rooted s.a., I was able to speak up and do a lot of other functions normal people take for granted but I still had anxiety, shyness, and fear of people. I think their are two forms of social anxiety. One is when your mind is set to the wrong function , not only are you uncomfortable talking but you can't get the words out of your mouth. And the other is having anxiety in social settings like being really nervous, being shy or having a fear of people. When I took colostrum the first one was fixed immediately but I still had shyness, anxiety and fear of people. I know it's confusing, everytime I try to explain this to people they usually don't understand. But the main thing is if you do have your internal makeup set to the wrong function and not just anxiety socially. Then you will feel some kind of difference from sjw, anti-depressants, and colostrum. I tried sjw and anti-depressants and I felt a difference but they never took full effect and they wore off after a while. That's why so many people who try these things never feel a difference, they'll tell you it did'nt work for them. And they may have as many problems as anyone else, but their chemistry isn't backwards. I don't know the science of it, I just learned from being there myself. It took me a while to figure it out but I realized that just one remedy would'nt make me completely better. So recently I tried passion flower and lemon balm and for the first time in my life I feel completely cured. The herbal relaxants helped me with my nerves, shyness, and fear of people. And the colostrum fixed my defect. If you think you might just have nervousness, shyness or what ever then I suggest passion flower and lemon balm. If you think you are chemically backwards. Then try colostrum also. With colostrum you should feel a difference within a week following the directions. And if you don't you probably just have regular anxiety. Colostrum is sold at local health food stores, and places like also have different versions of it. Just make sure it's 100% first milking colostrum. And if you feel a difference from it you can start lowering your doses and that will save you a lot of money. I only take one a day for two days and then skip a day, but I've been taking it for six months. Saw Palmetto Harvesting has good deals on passion flower. And I buy my lemon balm from iherb, I just ordered some of the oil because the capsules take a while to kick in with a meal.
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Hi, you can wait about twenty or thirty minutes before eating after taking colostrum. I usually wait thirty just to be sure I'm not interfering with it. I also like to take it later in the day or at night, I know they say it's best to take it early so that it doesn't interfere with your sleep, but from my experiences it doesn't bother my sleep and it doesn't give me as much energy. But be sure to take it on an empty stomache twice a day if you're just starting out. I hope it works for you. I buy my lemon balm from iherb and nature's way is the brand I buy for the capsules, nature's apothecary is the brand I use for the lemon balm oil. You can also just buy a plant from your local plant store and brew some tea.
Hi polos, I'm glad it's helping you so far. I've been on it for a long time and it seems to work better and better. So hopefully you'll have the same progress. If you have a couple extra dollars, I would highly recommend lemon balm. It's helped a lot with my anxiety these last couple weeks, although I did build up an immunity to it so I'll just have to take it on special days, but I'm definitely glad I have it.
Hi, I don't know of anything that could substitute for colostrum. There might be something out there but I haven't heard about it. I understand how you wouldn't want to use colostrum because you're a vegan. But it's not really a dairy product, it's just nutrition. My sister is a strict vegetarian and she took colostrum without any problems. If you think it might help you in some way, I would try it out for just a week or two to see if you might be able to live with it. Just a suggestion.
Hi, I've taken other medications with these products, so for me I haven't had any negative interactions. I would recommend getting a physician's advice before trying anything though. I still take the colostrum because when I've tried to quit taking it my s.a. came back after a couple of days. So I don't think it will help you without continued use.

I built up a tolerance to the lemon balm and passion flower after a couple of weeks, so I only take the lemon balm on special occasions and I quit taking the passion flower because I felt a little withdrawal from it. Even though I can't take the lemon balm every day I've definitely benefited from it. I think it has helped me to see things from a normal perspective and I'm really glad to have it on special occasions.
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