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I'm sorry to hear about so many people's rants lately. I wish I could change that. All I can say is to try to counteract that with positive thoughts.

Remember this:

When one door closes,another one always opens.

And no matter how people feel about you, it doesn't mean what they say is true. It's merely an opinion, not a fact.

There is always hope.

We have a choice. We ALWAYS have a choice.

We are MORE powerful than we think.

We put so much energy into the things we frustrate over. We have just as much power to use those energies for positives activities and thoughts.

Remember that. No one can take that away from you! :)

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Glad to see another optimistic person on this forum. Keep up the good posts. They are greatly needed.

I would also remind you that a lot of people on this forum are young and in school and are facing this SA monster on a daily basis. They are still in the stage of feeling helpless and powerless to do anything. Most of them will catch on to the fact that they have the power to begin changing after they get enough "misery" motivation. When they decide they absolutely "must" change then they will be on the right path. Hang in there!
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