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I've been called twice. age ?20 & 30 Every 10 years. It's about that time again.

I hadn't reg. to vote then either so that isn't the way they get your name.

Going down to the big room to see if chosen to go to courtroom wasn't bad.
Take a book or notepad or somethig to occupy your time while waiting.

I felt real uncomfortable when taken to a courtroom full of people & having to
stand & say if there was a reason I shouldn't be picked for the case though.
I think that saved me the first time since I was prob. visibly pale or shaking.

The last time, I was picked for grand jury. We met all day every Thurs.for 3 months.
A woman & I were chosen to have a job out of the group.
They read a paper on cases & the group decided basically whether it should go to
trial or not. It was very interesting to hear the stories we'd go thru 50-90 a day
& a few times a detective or cop would come in & tell & answer questions.

My job was to sit up front @a table with say 50 rubber stampers that stated the
decided offence. & we had to find it & stamp next to case #'s in a journal.

It was just the group , you could leave for hour lunch. So overall not so bad.
Other than dragging on for 3 months. Like Nov. 1st - Feb. 1st. blah

People say to say you've been robbed, you hate x group, you've been raped whatever
relates to the case to not be picked. Even if works sounds attention focusing scary.

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Using the DMV instead of registered voters is supposed to produce a more diverse mix, since basically everyone drives regardless of income/education/social status while voting is something a high school drop out is far less likely to do than someone with more education.
I am ashamed to say, I am 43 years old and never registered to vote in fear that I would be called for jury duty. It terrifies me!!! If I were required to go, I would get a doctor's note explaining my condition... I would rather go to jail. Completely irrational, but true.
I always figured the above belief was a factor as well. I've heard a # of times on tv/radio it stated 'don't be afraid to reg. to vote that's not how they get names jury duty' over the last 15 yrs. So it obviously has a neg effect on votorship as long as people believe it's the case and is still a common belief.

I hadn't voted since I think the only people with a chance to win are from the two main parties. Get into mudslinging and will tell you anything to get elected but then forget & just go with there special interest group buddies once in.

That & having to go to a public place with lines & such to vote. I hope someday we will be able to vote from home. Like doing your tax return. Over the internet or phone. Perhaps at atm's. If it could be secure enough I bet it would increase the number of voters.
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