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Jury Duty!!!!

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I just got a letter today and my name was "drawn for services as a trial juror".. I'm really scared, I don't want to go.. I have thought of the how it could be beneficial to me, but negative thoughts began to pop in my head.. :um

I know I'm always trying to be possitive but I just don't feel prepared for that, especially if the trial lasts more than a day.. I don't take any medication and I havent been to therapy in over 2 years but I have considered going back because SA is so complicated, but not impossible to overcome on my own.

I might just go to the court and force my self to be there but if I'm too anxious even before the day arrives, I don't know if I could get excused. I would probably need a doctor's note to show that I have SAD, but again, I haven't been to therapy sinse my therapists quit and I don't know if I would have to speak to another therapist to diagnose me again or something and prove that I have a "mental disability"...

What should I do?
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I've always wanted to do that, just when I was cured :p

If I were you, i'd stick it out, but don't worry about it until you have to. This is a technique my fiance tried on me and it works perfectly so I don't worry about things in advance.

Right now, I usually would be freaking out about the train and the weekend, but my fiance asked me if I was doing it now, and I said no, so he said, there's no need to worry about it then.

It works a charm for me, really stops me panicking and worrying in advance, of course, the actual time is different! But it does save worry...

Good luck :)
Thanks.. I do kinda want to do it but just because I feel it would be an excuse for me to be around people.. I don't know how I will be on that day, but hopefully I don't get a panic attack(which I have worked so hard to overcome). I know it's all in my head.. Got to think possitive.
Jury duty is okay. Initially you just sit in a room, like at the DMV or dentist's office. Then you maybe need to sit and be quiet in a court room.

If you're picked for a trial there's no real social obligations. You just have to be there. And be pleasant with maybe a little small talk. No one really knows what they're talking about.
Jury duty would scare the crap out of me. If you go with this, more power to you. I couldn't do it.
Jury Duty

I am ashamed to say, I am 43 years old and never registered to vote in fear that I would be called for jury duty. It terrifies me!!! If I were required to go, I would get a doctor's note explaining my condition... I would rather go to jail. Completely irrational, but true.:no
I am so tired of struggling with this daily. My body feels like it is in a constant state up anxiety and nervousness....that can't be good for your health. I just want it to go away and be like everyone else!
There's a chance you won't be needed that day. Just bring a book and sit quietly. No need to talk to anyone.

I was really nervous to go, but I got to leave early. The $15 I got in compensation made the experience worth it.
I had jury duty for the first time last year and actually got put on one of the trials. Now that I know what it's like, it wouldn't be as hard to do it again. It's mostly a lot of waiting and everyone usually stays to theirselves because they don't want to be there anyway. And if you get picked for a jury, they tell you exactly what to do so it's not that confusing. The people there actually try to make things as easy as possible for you.
So it's not as anxiety provoking as I thought? That's a relief.

Just as long as you don't have to read out the verdict. :|
I spent a full week on a medical negligence jury about 16 months ago. If you get picked for a jury, just be prepared to do a lot of listening. Conversations are quite minimal. We even wore "juror" buttons, indicating the lawyers and judges could not talk to us at all outside the courtroom.
The judge usually will ask questions to the jury pool before the trial to see who wouldn't qualify. I would say to raise your hand during one of the questions and the judge will most likely dismiss you. Not sure if you'll get called for another one though later on so I guess you'll have to find out.
I only been called once to serve and that was back home when I was in college. They wanted me to go when I was in the middle of final exams during my last semester of my college career. I told them there was no way I could serve due to this. Luckily, they let me off. I never been called to serve where I live now. The only thing they sent me a questionnaire once, but that was 13 years ago. I guess they don't want anyone that works at Mental Health to serve.
I've actually wanted to do jury duty for a long time. I think it would be interesting.
^You should. I've done jury duty and thought it was a fascinating experience.
I think the only really troublesome part for people with SAD might be if you get chosen for some high profile criminal case where there is a packed courtroom and they question potential jurors in the witness box. That's not the most likely scenario but you might not know that's the situation until you are there.

Some counties seem pretty progressive, excusing people with SAD without even a doctors excuse. Other counties seem more archaic and won't excuse anyone for SAD even with a doctors excuse. Maybe they feel as though they are helping the person with SAD overcome their problem by not excusing them, perhaps similar in a way to how the government has helped terrorist suspects overcome their claustrophobia fears and insect fears by locking them in a small box with an insect.:)
I suspect a large segment of the population simply tosses a jury notice in the trash. After all, it's not like you signed for it and things do get lost in the mail. They can't prove you got it.

I've never been called for jury duty yet. I don't think any prosecutor would want me on a jury. They could bring me a case where a guy is caught with 50 pounds of coke on his coffee table and I'd still manage to find "reasonable doubt" because I think the law is wrong (not that such an open & shut case would ever get to trial). Now if you're a defense lawyer, I'd be the juror of your dreams. If you can't get your client off with me, he must be pure evil.
I've been called twice. age ?20 & 30 Every 10 years. It's about that time again.

I hadn't reg. to vote then either so that isn't the way they get your name.

Going down to the big room to see if chosen to go to courtroom wasn't bad.
Take a book or notepad or somethig to occupy your time while waiting.

I felt real uncomfortable when taken to a courtroom full of people & having to
stand & say if there was a reason I shouldn't be picked for the case though.
I think that saved me the first time since I was prob. visibly pale or shaking.

The last time, I was picked for grand jury. We met all day every Thurs.for 3 months.
A woman & I were chosen to have a job out of the group.
They read a paper on cases & the group decided basically whether it should go to
trial or not. It was very interesting to hear the stories we'd go thru 50-90 a day
& a few times a detective or cop would come in & tell & answer questions.

My job was to sit up front @a table with say 50 rubber stampers that stated the
decided offence. & we had to find it & stamp next to case #'s in a journal.

It was just the group , you could leave for hour lunch. So overall not so bad.
Other than dragging on for 3 months. Like Nov. 1st - Feb. 1st. blah

People say to say you've been robbed, you hate x group, you've been raped whatever
relates to the case to not be picked. Even if works sounds attention focusing scary.
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I hadn't reg. to vote then either so that isn't the way they get your name.
Here in Michigan they go by the drivers licenses.
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