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I posted this as a comment on another thread a moment ago. Anyway these are some brief suggestions for joining group discussions.

You have to be able to sense the vibe other people are on and match it.


You walk into a room and see a group of three men talking and laughing about something. First thing I'd do is go nearby (while minding my own business or doing something else) and listen in on their conversation for awhile.

If they say anything you can relate to or have an opinion on then say it when they are on pause. Try to extend whatever subject their discussing, don't repeat/ make a variation of the same joke. Also you could join the discussion by just giving your reaction, like "geez did that really happen to him!" and follow up with a similar experience like "that happened to my friend too".

Make sure to be reasonable as well.

If you notice these guys are extremely excited, then it would be fair to assume that the discussion built them up to that level of excitement gradually. It would not make sense to join the discussion at that extreme level, just be moderate initially and eventually the discussion would grow on you.

If you notice that they are dull or not very excited then it would appear odd to just join the discussion energetically. Because 1. You aren't that familiar with them. 2. It contradicts the mood they already set in the discussion, doing so is like completely taking control of the direction of the discussion (that should be done more gradually). Instead enter the discussion moderately and gradually adjust to the mood of the discussion as you go along.


2.Find relevance/importance
3.Join during a break
5.Be reasonable
6.Detect mood
7.Start moderately
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