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A new Tesco is opening near me and I have an interview for it in 9 days. I got an automatic interview because I think Tesco made a deal with the local job centre to give local people a chance.

I'm not applying for a specific position but as a SA person I really don't want to be on tills. Although I'm aware that everyone who works for Tesco has to be till trained just in case.

I'd be happy working in the different departments and stacking shelves.

Does anyone work for Tesco or other UK supermarket.

What were you asked at interview?

This would really help me. Thanks.

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Sorry for replying as I'm not from the UK. I have talked to a few people on here that work for Sainsbury's in the UK and we compared notes with my interview at Cub Foods (part of SuperValu) in Minnesota, USA as well as some past interviews with Publix in Florida, USA.

Check this out for a discussion on Tesco interviews (as you may have already looked it up):
and the other link:

For Cub Foods, most of the questions were situational around dealing with difficult customers, handling inventory and pricing and coupons, working in teams, working with difficult coworkers, working alone stocking, attention to detail on expired items, flexibility of schedule, etc.

Sorry again for responding. Hope the people that work at Sainsbury's respond, and better yet if there's someone that works at Tesco responds for you.

Hope you get the job because few people realize if you can move up the food distributor back-office later in life, it's more lucrative than most people realize. One of my Algrebra students is now a Communications Manager at SuperValu and is probably doing better than me.
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