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Jazz/blues/R &B reccomendations

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I'm trying to get into some older music. So much is forgotten today. Everybody I know seems to listen to angsty "I hate my mom/girlfriend/life" modern rock/new metal. Sometimes I just need to put on Booker T. and the MG's or something classic just to keep me in a good mood, but I keep playing the same stuff over and over. I've listened to some old, old stuff like Fats Waller, Scott Joplin, Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Rev Gary Davis, Django, etc and 50's-60's R&B a little bit... but not much more than Booker or Al Green and Coltrane..and some other stuff. I'm just trying to keep busy with listening to music. Anybody have any suggestions?
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Blues....let's see. If you want something a little weird, try Captain Beefheart's first album 'Safe As Milk'. Quite bluesy and weird. Then you have the blues-based British invasion bands, a la The Animals and Rolling Stones. The Stones started off very blues influenced, then kind of followed the Beatles into a psychedelic style that they weren't as suited for, then found the way back to their roots with Beggars Banquet. That album through Exile on Main Street is probably their peak; after that they became much less interesting. In fact, with Exile, you have a great album based on American music, like blues, country, rock n roll, even gospel. It's like they threw all regards to commercial senses to the wind and just went for the real, raw, stuff. If you like real blues I'd recommend that first.

With R & B you have Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Otis Redding I guess, and a lot of stuff like that. The site is good for finding out this kind of stuff....
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