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...a little patient....eek....
I know I don't really have a right to ask him to kind of put romantic life on hold.... but still....eek! :afr

**needing to babble*****
I can barely sleep... he's always in the back of my mind... I thought this was just a one or two-week infatuation but it's a full-blown attraction...... I'm dying to touch him and get much closer.... Oh my god it is so true what they say about a woman's sex drive around 30.... :um ***blush****
Which is why I'm probably gonna have to initiate that discussion! Cause I can't take it anymore... If it goes any further something will happen that is inappropriate at this moment in my life.... It would not be fair to either him, my spouse, or myself.
But if I tell him now, mid-semester, when we still have a couple of months of class to share.... maybe I should wait until the end of the semester? *head spinning*
Guess I must be a robot to have this kind of self-restraint? :((((( Oh well I don't care, it's just not right
*on verge of tears*
feel like I'm going crazy.... he is so beautiful inside and out and I savor the moment our eyes is such a warming feeling
At the same time I have to deal with initiating the real separation and divorce.... and to feel like a murderer doing it.... because my husband cannot see his life without me.... but I am so unhappy being with him as a person and I miss being unmarried..... **going crazy***
The reason I say that is because you mentioned wanting a little break after your divorce, it's reasonable. You're in a transition process/phase, he'll know just as well that there's unnecessary drama if you disregard that. Perhaps the anticipation factor could be an advantage, mutual flirting over a extended period. It could make for a very passionate climax when you can unite without restriction. I think an honest discussion is in your favor to avoid excess drama
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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