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Is there a part of your favorite movie that you always skip?

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(Other than the credits) Is there a part of your favorite movie that you always skip? If so, why?

I just watched The Hunt for Red October again the other day and I just can't stand the part near the beginning when they're in the conference and Ryan realizes Ramius's intentions. I don't know why. It just annoys me. And plus, I think it's a lot of exposition that you really don't need if you've seen the movie 50 times. Amazing movie with some annoying parts, I guess.
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Nope. Frankly people who skip parts of movies or shows annoy the hell out of me. Like my mom always has to skip through any part with nudity or anything remotely sexual. And sometimes she'll skip parts of a movie or show we haven't even seen before just because it bores her or something; like last week we were watching Andor and she randomly starts fast-forwarding through the best part! On the rare occasions I actually want to watch a movie or series, I'll watch the whole thing. Except the end credits because I don't really care about those.

Even movies I really dislike I tend to sit through to the end to at least see what happens. People who walk out on movies also annoy me; when I was a teen I went to see The Sixth Sense with some "church kids," and they got up and walked out at that scene where the guy is watching his wife in the shower. Even though it didn't actually show anything, they were so "offended!" And of course I didn't have the nerve to NOT go with them. Sigh.

I love The Hunt for Red October. And I actually rather like that scene.
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Speaking of violence in movies... My mom has always loved war movies. One of her favorites is The Killing Fields; she watches it like once a month, I swear. So she's fine with all the violence and gore, watching people get shot or blown up or whatever. And yet she can't stand a hint of a love scene.

I mean... doesn't that sound completely backwards to anyone else? How is it that people can be fine watching these gruesome scenes where people brutally kill one another, but they can't watch two people making love, or a single naked person??? This has bothered me as far back as I can remember, because my parents were fine with me watching, say, Jurassic Park, where that one guy gets literally torn in half by the T-rex, and yet they wouldn't let me watch Titanic because of the nude scene. Some peoples' priorities are just so backwards... People should be more offended by violence and less by normal sexual behavior.
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