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Is there a part of your favorite movie that you always skip?

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(Other than the credits) Is there a part of your favorite movie that you always skip? If so, why?

I just watched The Hunt for Red October again the other day and I just can't stand the part near the beginning when they're in the conference and Ryan realizes Ramius's intentions. I don't know why. It just annoys me. And plus, I think it's a lot of exposition that you really don't need if you've seen the movie 50 times. Amazing movie with some annoying parts, I guess.
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My favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life and I'll watch every scene every time, but a movie in my top 10 that has a scene that I think should have hit the editing floor is the part in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis is in the cab talking to the cab driver for way too long. I've watched the movie maybe 15 times and I've watched that scene probably twice, Tarantino always gets so close to making a perfect movie but he can't help getting a bit too self-indulgent. Great movie otherwise.
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