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Spanakopita. I'm too clumsy to make it myself and evidently don't live in close proximity to any significant concentrations of restaurant-oriented Greeks. 馃槶 I want some now.

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It was donuts (had been maybe 8 years), until a couple weeks ago when a store finally started packaging them in threes so I can buy them without interacting with a human in a small enough quantity for them to not go bad.

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I'm rarely eating pizza this year. At least not pizzas I like from restaurants. I used to eat pizza a lot. This year I have been heavily dieting. I don't have anyone who will eat the pizzas I like with me, so they are far too many calories. I'm also not a huge fan of leftover pizza(I know weird). Even when I have cheat days, I rarely get pizza because if there are leftovers there is a good chance that I'll use it as justification to make the next day a cheat day as well. I sometimes get frozen thin crust pizzas that are around 900 cals because I can fit them in my diet if I'm careful on the rest of my daily calories. Surprisingly not missing pizza as much as I thought I would.

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I love Japanese food, especially seafood and seafood pies. No one cooks seafood like the Japanese. But if you try hard enough, you can do it again. That's something I really want to do. But can anything compare to seafood rolls americasrestaurant ? Have you ever tried them? It's the best you can come up with. But I haven't learned how to make it myself yet.
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