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know I have S.A. but there is one guy - the only person I can think of that I intentionally ignore. Its got nothing to do with S.A. I supposed its sort of a male pride thing.

I had thought that I would never hold a grudge against people, but he started it, he humiliated me every time I tried to befriend him, even if we were neighbours, i was jsut trying to be friendly. He turned even a simple "hello" accross the street into an opportunity to make me look like a toatal geek.

Walking behind me from school, he and his friends teased me. On the bus they teased me. He was always the ringleader.

It its so bad, that after his father died, and one of the elders in the Community asked me to go to the funeral.. I just had to tell the old lady honestly

"the boy was never my friend, I don't know why he doesn't like me, but he has embarrassed me everytime I try to befriend him, going to his father's funeral would only create an awkward situation." I was 15 at the time, and I had really had enough of this guy's antics.
He continuously antagonised me for no apparent reason, so I just returned the favour. People are frightened of my angry face, and I think after one day I walked past him, with my game face set, jacked him and continued on my way ... he learnt his manners.

We never talk, ever.
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