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Hello there people :D

It's my first post here, but I'm reading this forum for quite a long time. I'm not a native speaker so some of my sentences may sound a bit strange, sorry for that. However I think you'll have no problem understanding what I'm saying.*come on they want to hear your story now!* Oh yes, sure.

So I just wanted to share a thought and ask your point of view:

My hobbies are the complete opposite of what other people like to do.
And it works retrospectively. *You google-translated this word don't you ?* Shut up !

As a student the main past-time of my pairs is going out/drinking/having parties.
But :
With SAD I can't have fun. Speaking with other people is a pain, while dancing is... ABSOLUTLY not my thing :boogie*Yes, I can confirm that.* You think you can do better than me genius ?
And about drinking well I don't for two reasons :
It never had a positive effect on me, I just feel sick. And it doesn't really improve my social skills (believe trying not to vomit is much more important than anything else at this moment. :teeth). My father can't even drink a glass of wine so I suppose I take it after him. I feel dizzy just after a beer. *Maybe you should take drugs instead ?* Nah ! Out of question. I want to live old enough so I can grow a big, white beard. Now, Mind, stop interrupting me.

So I come up with excuses everytime and instead I do something like this :
-Exploring wikipedia
-Keep up with the news and telling myself that the world is crazy.
-and other lonely activities.
*Oh yes you mean...* NOT A WORD MORE YOU SILLY !

But I don't feel lonely. I speak to my classmates without too much problems (they're very friendly) and I always have one friend with whom I can go out.
I got super lucky during my life because at least one people in my class at high school/college would be a geek, or a semi-geek compatible with my lifestyle. I even met a friendly, funny non-geek and we still speak together quite a lot. Everything happens :b

But now I'm asking myself quite seriously : if I'm ever going to have a relationship , I'll have to change quite a lot. I mean, I'm not going to meet a girl in this situation, and a girl wouldn't probably want someone like me at the moment.
And ... maybe I don't want to change ?
I mean, I'm never happier than in front of my computer, chatting with 30+ people of my team while we're trying to do the objective under heavy artillery fire. *You exploded in a lot of little tiny parts by the way* Thanks for reminding me that.
I actually think it's one of the few times I'm busting out laughing during a day. It doesn't happen much in "real life".
Also I have no stress when I'm carefully drawing my letters and it's very relaxing.

This is really awkward. What should I do ? Trying to "force" myself into society ? Am I wasting my time being on my own ?
I think I can handle the idea of staying alone, but i'm not so sure if this thought is healthy. It's maybe just cowardice ?

To your keyboards gentlemen/women... ;) Thanks.
Or at least I hope you appreciated my post.

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Perhaps you're simply an extreme introvert who doesn't require socializing or a significant other (girlfriend/relationship) in order to be happy...? Such people exist. If it doesn't interfere with your ability to function, and you can support yourself or are supported somehow, and you're truly happy, then it seems fine to me. :stu No need to force yourself to be something you really don't want, unless you think harder about it and realize it's something you really DO want.
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