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Is it ok to drink a bit before going out during the day? how much is ok?

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I'm talking about normal everyday stuff like going to the cinema with somebody, going to work or school.
How much is too much? Is it possible to have enough to feel comfortable, but not come over stupid and weird? Is there anything you can take with alcohol to counteract the lack of coordination it causes, leaving only the confidence and happy feeling it gives me?
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I don't think it's too healthy. But that's just my outlook. There has to be a better way to suppress anxiety unless you're just being way too hard on yourself, or without sounding too blunt or insensitive, perhaps there's a reason you're not supposed to feel comfortable around these people?

I don't think drinking everytime you need to go out somewhere is the answer.

Medications don't work for you? That would be my next pick.

But I will let you know that I'm guilty of the whole, 'drink alcohol to become comfortable in a situation' thing. I've done it a couple of times and decided that if I'm in a situation where I need to become plastered in order to feel comfortable then I must just be in the wrong one to start with.

As for confidence and happiness, the only true confidence and happiness you'll find will be the one that stems from feeling comfortable in a situation without the need of becoming totally inebriated.

Sorry I can't be of much help on this one.
Not a good habit to start. Personally I'd advise against it.
Unfortunately, they don't sell that at literally every grocery store the way they do beer, wine & liquor.
I don't see a problem with having one beer or shot or something. Just be careful it doesn't lead to something more. I wouldn't before I go to work though and I wouldn't do it all the time. A shot before a social event isn't terrible in my opinion. I've do it before.
for SA users, most of the time weed just makes you more nervous. if you use it enough and for long enough, it has been shown to increase anxiety overall. dont do alcohol. people can smell it and will judge you, plus you can let something slip/say something stupid/do something stupid by accident.

I heard kava kava gives the same alcohol effect, but has no side effects, dependancy, or health problems. Also, you can concentrate while using it. Sry if these effects seem conflicting, but i havent tried yet so i can't give you an exact description
I would also advise against drinking alcohol to get you through the day or night. I never drank during the day but I used to drink myself to sleep nightly. I got help and quit last year, 100% sober since June 4th 2008. At first it was hard to quit but now that months have gone by I am not even tempted to go in a liquor store. Despite my SA life is so much better now. Alcohol is like the lover that lies to you, it sooths temporary then vanishes in the morning, not a loyal companion. What you have to do is find a healthy substitute. For some it's AA meeting, for others it's exercise, meditation, writing, art, etc. There are several people on this site who have quit, email me if you need individual support.
You also have to consider that the effects from the amount of alcohol you need to drink in order to get by while still appearing sober isn't going to last very long, so you're going to have to keep drinking throughout the day. That makes the chances of getting caught a lot higher if you're trying to do it at work.
It's not healthy at all. I found out recently that's how my Uncle became an alcoholic, he has social anxiety, so he drunk small bits before going out. It didn't help too much as the effects never lasted long, and over time he became an alcoholic.

Really, it isn't worth it. You don't want more problems.
I wouldn't recommend it, only because once tolerance builds, a person has to drink more to get the same effect.
i think it might be okay for a little while (less than a year), as long as you have a plan for weening yourself off the alcohol, and facing life without it. but you have to be careful because people will be able to smell it on your breath. for this reason, it might actually add to your social anxiety, because on some level, you will be worried about someone finding out about your drinking.
i would strongly advise against it...personally bring drunk or high makes the situation worse...especially weed it is a known fact that it increases anxiety!
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