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It's finally happened. After years of being on the internet my computer has finally been infected (I've very careful).

I have McAfee SecurityCenter. Last week McAfee notified me that it had removed a Trojan. Since then, it has notified me almost every day that it has countered a Trojan, spyware, or buffer overflow attempt. I've run three scans, two of which found a Trojan.

According to logs, McAfee allowed a registry change on April 4. The problems started on April 5.

I do a lot of work with my computer, including accessing financial accounts. I'd hate to have to restore windows but that looks like it might be the only way to get rid of the trojan. Would you recommend going that route? And if I do restore windows, and I guaranteed to get rid of whatever lingering problem my computer has?

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I highly recommend specialised malware protection like Malwarebytes which is very reliable and removes most trojan infections. There are other alternatives like SUPER AntiSpyware too, which is newer. Google them!

Running AV and antimalware has been an accepted practice for complementary defense. I have saved many a desktop and laptop from serious infections with free antivirus (Avira or AVG) and MBAM. You might also wish to update to newer and more effective antivirus technology such as NOD32 which is fast and very efficient.

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I recommend Avast!

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I hate Norton and McAfee.Comcast offers McAfee for free.It was such a bloatware piece of crap that I wouldn't even use it for free.

Computer Security:
1-Make sure you have all of the critical Windows updates

2-Have ONE anti-virus program running on your computer:Either one of these free ones.AVG has an easier user interface, i.e. is easier to use....

3-Have two or three of these free, anti-spyware programs running on your computer:

If your Windows is up to date than you are probably using Windows XP SP-3 which comes with its own firewall.Though it's a little bit complicated, at some point it would be good to upgrade to this free firewall program:

Forget about Internet Explorer and surf the Web with Firefox:

Add these programs for Firefox after you install it:

This program is nice for removing all of the junk and cookies when you surf the Web.

This program is good to have:

You can have all this protection and more, and it is still not going to protect a user if they engage is high risk activities like downloading porn off of Kazaa or Limewire.

All of these programs are worthless if you don't Update Windows and all of these programs at least once a week (if not more).And scan your computer with all of these programs at least once a week.

Remember, only ONE anti-virus and ONE firewall program for your computer.You have to uninstall your old anti-virus or security suite program before installing a new one.Firewall programs like Comodo etc. automatically deactivate Windows firewall after you add them.
So you don't have to worry about shutting off the Windows Firewall.

If the above does not work, then I would try a free, thirty day trial offer for NOD32 anti-virus, to see if that can clean up my system.

Plus, you might want to clean out your old System Restore Points.They could re-infect your computer.You would shut off System restore and erase all of the old Restore points.
Then turn it back on after you had thoroughly cleaned your computer with all of the above programs.You could also trying booting up in 'Safe Mode' and scanning your computer with these programs if every else fails....

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if I do restore windows, and I guaranteed to get rid of whatever lingering problem my computer has?
Using restore is not a guarantee of removing your problem. It only brings your computer back to a previous state and it's possible there were problems in that state. Restore also does not revert you data files back... only your settings.
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