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I just got this book in the mail after ordering it on the internet. I've just started to read it and already I'm suprised at some of the stuff I've learned. Like having your mind "blank out" during conversations or not being able to think of something to say but thinking of lots to say after a conversation is over--these are traits of introverts, whereas I thought that was a part of my SA. It's very interesting, I'm beginning to think that my SA is due to the fact that I've grown up in a very extroverted family and my extremely introverted personality was always looked at as wrong or bad by my family members. So because I thought there was something wrong with me socially, I quickly became anxious of social situations at an early age because I felt that it wasn't something I did well. I'm sure my parents enjoyed the "positive" aspects of an introverted child; above average intelligence, very creative, didn't give in to peer pressure, etc. However, they saw my lack of interest in socializing as a bad thing and so I eventually saw myself in that same light. Apparently 75% of the population is extroverted and only 25% are introverted, so I'm outnumbered bigtime. I'm beginning to think there's really nothing that horribly wrong with me at all, I'm just an extremely introverted individual living in an extremely extroverted world.
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