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so i had an interview for some job, i was trying not to be anxious but even going downtown with all the cars and people made me exhausted. the interview was happening at starbucks and i bought some cheminile tea right away to calm down but then i see the guy who's suppose to interview me and he's pretty good looking, my age, i was like ****kk noooo lol cause it made me more anxious, i smiled tried to maintain eye contact, but could barely talk and turned red, i don't think i will get the job........ and he was all outgoing and stuff, now my eyes still feel weird like crosseyed or something from trying to maintain eye contact. well at least i got out of the house and tried something new. lately, it seems alot of jobs are calling me back when i apply so at least there's some hope. i guess no one liked interviews, even people without anxiety.
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