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Practice Practice Practice = Performance

What kinda interview is it? Type of job? What is your previous experience? Education? Skills? (Share only if ya want)

I just finished a very nerve wracking interview today...I was able to knock it out because I prepared myself by anticipating the type of questions they might ask, and what type of response they would want.
:blah :blah :blah
I didn't get the exact questions...but by having practiced short responses to *possible* questions, I was still able to adapt swifty to the actual questions by using some key phrases, ideas or attitudes....

Shoot....I practiced soo much I'm sure I almost sounded eloquent in some responses... almost...;-)

When you enter the interview remember to act like you deserve this job, exude self-confidence, show them you epitomize the type of employee they need.
Ohh...and last but not least....take a bunch of breath mints to get the alcohol off your breath! :drunk
j/k...I did try to inject some seemed to be well received, and helped to lower my tension level.

Goodluck fe27! Hope you get the job! Let us know how you do!

(I will be gone for a couple weeks, but I'm ANXIOUS to hear about it when I get back!)

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