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Interview the Person Below You

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This is a topic that used to be here on SAS, but I couldn't find it when I used the search feature. What you do is answer the question above you, and then create a new question for the next person. It can be any question you want, and anyone can answer it.

I'll start...

Who was your favorite teacher in school?
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I don't even know what a New York cheese cake is. Does it smell like feet?

Does watering your plants make you feel like your life has more meaning?
I don't have any plants to water; however, if I did I suspect it would just be another little annoyance to have to deal with. Life has no meaning unfortunately, despite our best attempts to give it some kind of meaning.

If you were offered enough money for a house and to live off of for the rest of your life but you would have to leave the whole world behind and live alone for the entire rest of your life would you do it? You would get to live somewhere nice, picturesque, a place of your choosing but you would be entirely alone until your dying day.

Edit: okay maybe I didn't think this through I guess you would still need to get food somehow lol but you would basically be a recluse with no social contacts but a comfortable life. Would you choose to live this way?
Absolutely no way - I'd rather have no money at all. I need people around me - and I actually hate quiet or isolated places.

Have you had Covid and what was it like for you?
Yes, I had Covid in May.

I had 2 Moderna shots last year so maybe that helped make my case more mild than most. It started like a typical cold/ flu - sore throat, headache, cough, not much congestion, though. Then it disappeared for a few days. I thought, "that was quick". Then, several days later it hit hard - sore throat, chills, fatigue, body aches, cough. The worst part was the cough, it was relentless and lasted weeks. I only had a slight loss of taste and smell. Took my sense of smell several weeks to get back to normal but taste returned quickly. Again, I think the vaccine made my case a bit milder.

Who do you think will be the national champion in football this year?
I don't know anything about football.

Does your arm ever feel like it's vibrating?
No. Why? Is it supposed to?

When was the last time you drank a coke? I haven't had one for at least a year.
Yesterday. I drink Diet Coke/Coke Zero all the time.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
Not really. I used to but most of them got a lot of plastic surgery done over the years and most of it ruined their looks in a really bad way.

Have you ever been a dog in one of your dreams?
Nope never been. I've been pregnant though. And I'm not sure if I was a man ever, I can't remember. Ive been both the observer and the observed, if that makes sense.

Can you eat the same foods everyday or would that drive you crazy?
There was one time I ate the same breakfast food for about a week or two, but then I got tired of it.

If you could travel to any country, which one would you travel to and why?
Thailand and then probably Bali on the way home. I'm not all that interested in going any further at the moment - and I'm getting old and stuck in my ways. I know what I like.

Would the fear of getting Covid stop you from traveling overseas right now if you could?

Are you planning on making any major purchases in the near future?

Would you ever consider buying a diesel powered motorcycle? Is that a thing even?
I wouldn't consider a high-speed death mobile without airbags, so maybe not. In general, cold climates don't favor diesel anyway so no.

What kind of music have you tried getting into but ultimately failed?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Tough question. I really don't know.

How many sticks of gum do you need to make a satisfying gum chewing experience?
Two, but never three because I genuinely like chewing on hard gum after a while. Three would just be too much.

Hmm... interview question. What is your go-to scenario that comes to mind when you think of a place to escape to for a little bit?
Nowhere that is accessible to me now. Basically, my room is my sanctuary and is the only place I can relax.

If you had a dog named Charlie, would you tend to think of him as a person?
Without a doubt, yes.

Have you ever lived right next to a railroad track?
Not right next to one, but there is one somewhere nearby and I do hear it at times.

Have you ever traveled outside your own country?
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