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Ever gone to a church and assumed everyone was better than you? Ever listened to people in the church talk and assumed that they would judge you as soon as they knew you? This has been my plight for a long time. I think I must just not be as spiritual as everyone else. I just have too many problems and my spiritual viewpoint and development is inferior.

Well, the other day, after going to church, it hit me like a bolt of lightning that being the inferior one was really illogical. A few days before that I realized it was great to have my own style. Someone I know who is wise commented on how different people have different spiritual qualities and they are all great. They are all different, but still all great. We all radiate different spirits, different energies, etc.

Well, I guess the comment helped because I realized there was no comparing one good spiritual energy to the next. There was no comparing one great human being with the next great human being. If they were great, they were great.

And so if you go to church, or are anywhere else comparing yourself to others, remember that you have your own strengths. You have your own spirit that you cultivate through your habits, actions, and thoughts. I have my own spirit that I cultivate. Why devalue that? Why devalue it just because it is deemed by me to be imperfect, not quite developed, or just not the same as everyone else?

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(((Loner))) I feel for ya. Every church is different. Maybe you could try some others. There have been a few church leaders that didn't really understand where I was coming from and unknowingly said things that hurt me but for the most part people have been very understanding. In fact, my first foray into 'church' and Christianity (in my late 20's) was with people that never judged or pointed their finger at me and gave me alot of space. God accepts people right where they are. It's not up to other people to try to change us....that's God's job. He does good work if you ask me.

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Your post reminds me of an illustration in the Bible that talks about our value as a Christian. It talks about how the body has arms,hands eyes, something to that effect and how even though all of them do different things,and just because they do different things doesn't make one superior to another.
Here I'd better quote that

For the body is not one member,but many. If the foot should say; "Because I am not a hand, I am no part of the body,"it is not for this reason no part of the body? And if the ear should say "Because I am not an eye, I am no part of the body," it is not for this reason no part of the body? If the whole body were an eye,where would the sense of hearing be? if it were hearing,where would the smelling be? But now God has set the members in the body,each one of them,just as he pleased.
If they where all one member,where would the body be? But now they are many members yet one body. The eye cannot say to the hand ; "I have no need of you", or again,the head cannot say to the feet: "I have no need of you. But much rather it is the case that the members of the body that appear to be the weaker are neccessary,and the parts of the body that which we think to be less honorable,these we surround with more abundant honor,and our unseemingly parts have the more abundant comeliness.
1Corinthians 12:14-23

So all of us are important in our places of worship. We have to closely examine ourselves to see that we contribute to it as well as anyone else,and that no one is "better" or "superior" as a member. What we can only give is our best. And that is what is important.
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