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I'm looking for feedback on some good indoor exercises.

This is what I do so far:

jump roping (I feel silly but it is excellent cardio)
jumping jacks
dips (advice on form? this bothers my elbows if I do it wrong)

My largest weights are only 5 pounds so the only good exercise I can think of with those is those shoulder lifts where you raise your arms up to the side. I'm weak enough that that gives me a workout.

How can I work out my quadriceps that are low-impact on the knees. My joints are a little weak. The jump-roping and jumping jacks tend to work out my calves and butt more than my quads.

Cool story, bro!
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You can do lunges for an entire leg workout.

Looks like you've got alot of the basics so far. You should just try those for a few weeks then move on to more advanced moves and different variations of the ones you're already doing.

Also, resistance bands work GREAT. You could get a set of 3 different resistance bands for like 15-20 dollars at a store. It's much cheaper then buying weights and just as effective.
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