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Today I was in my Sociology class and my teacher was going over the lesson which was a power point about chapter four. So for every term, person,etc. he gives examples or asks questions to the class. Anyways there is this woman who sits two sits away from me that is verbose and talkative.

The first day of class we had to do the standard "getting to know you" exercise by introducing ourselves to the class and giving a few facts. So the woman instead goes on and on for about 10 to 15 minutes(I was watching the clock!) about her life as far as her job, high school, husband, divorce,etc. Everyone in the class was like "okay!" and laughing a bit because she was giving her whole life's story.

So today the teacher was giving an example about first impressions vs. getting to know someone and said "Some people will tell you their whole life story in the first ten minutes of meeting them". I instantly thought of her and my classmate actually pointed to her; so me and other my classmates were chuckling and laughing about it.

She turns around and looks at us and especially at me and smiles then frowns up. I felt horrible and I still do because I know that feeling. I was bullied and teased for the last seven years by everybody. I didn't mean to be mean. It was a little joke and also the truth. However, I know she was pissed off because she had a plank stare the rest of the class and she kept talking about "how woman are aggressive and b***y".

I wanted to explain myself and apologize but I had to leave class early but I plan to till apologize next week on Tuesday.I feel horrible about it though.
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