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In over my head.

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I want, I want, I want and I can talk up a pretty good sales pitch for what i want. I get given opportunities all the time and then what? My anxiety kicks in when i run into a snag, or if the reality of the situation isn't what i expected or hoped for. Since November I have been working closely with this accountant that is a genuine saint as far as associates go. He has passed me tons of work, and passed out praise and recommended me to alot of people. Ok so he is gone for a months holiday and before he left he drops this client with 5 very messy companies in my lap. I am overwhelmed and so contemplate what to do and how to tackle the various problems and backlog of work. Thats how i do anything - little pieces at a time. The thing is that the client is constantly pressuring me to have things done and the understanding was that i could get this done in no time. I need the accountants advise but he is away, and the girl that did the work before never completed alot of what she claimed to have done. I have done a large part of the project but am uncomfortable putting it altogether until he returns and yet i'm thinking when he returns, I'll have this all wrapped up. He is back in another week or so.

This client is evasive, and very abrupt to the point of being rude with me. I had to assert myself with him (which felt sooo good because i did it well) and so we got off on the wrong foot which also inhibited my production. He has calmed his tone down but still is evasive.

I just am never sure what to do in situations like this and think i'm gunna blow it as usual. Any advise?
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CJ...........First of all, we have to do away with the "Blow it as usual" look at what you have accomplished this far!

I can relate to your writing, usually at the time, I am totally overwhelmed, totally, my anxiety so high, I could read something two, three times, have the answer right in front of me, and still not "Get it"......So I "Step away" until I get a grip.......Step back, do something to get your mind off of this until you're calm (I'm thinking you're working on your own a great deall)........Put a half hour tv show on, anything that totally absorbs you until you're calmer.

Put things together as much as you can, as much as you feel comfortable, if there is something you're not sure of, make a sticky note, put it on the "Paper" it belongs on........Mistakes happen to all of us, I know you're dealing in funds, yet, if they didn't think you were capable, they wouldn't have let you do this;-) Just step back for a few..........

If you have to deal with the client again as far as questions and he is still evasive, what about something to the effect "I really want to do the best job I can for you, I your imput"................. again, I now I keep saying step back, but, step back, catch your breath first;-)
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Well i took your advise and went shopping today and did some gardening. I start a contract tomorrow which goes for 2 weeks. Hopefully this long weekend i will be able to finish up as far as I can go and the pressure is off. I can't do anymore until this man cooperates with me! I still need information on many things. I guess the worst part of the anxiety is that i don't want to let this accountant down. He has been so good to me - so supportive and encouraging - a mentor. Its hard to find genuine good people I can't tell you how nice it feels - I don't want our great relationship tarnished by doing inadequate work. I've gone from starving to comfort because of him.

Anyway, it was good to have the time off - and get my mind on other things. The gardening might have been more enjoyable if i weren't being eaten alive.

thanks Hema
I hope it works for you......Don't let yourself down, I read your post, I can see how hard your trying, turning around thinking patterns and such!

If it's out of your hands, it's out of your hands........You can't fix something that's not your problem;_0
I hope it works out for you too. I have a really hard time dealing with difficult and rude people. I usually back away and try to appease everything, that doesn't really work.

Keep us posted on how things turn out. :)
I was very impressed by Hema's suggestions. They sounded great and I loved the way she encouraged you and praised your progress!

One of the many things I'm trying to learn to do is put responsibility back where it belongs and not accept it when I shouldn't. By doing what she suggested about telling the client that you really want to do a good job for him but that you can't, and can't even finish the project, until he complies with providing the information you need, it puts the responsibility of it's completion back on his shoulders. You're not a magician... and you can't just make up figures to plug in here or there... you have to be accurate and honest in order to meet your responsibilities to him and the man who referred him to you, and for your own business ethics.
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