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I have a group of friends I hang out with, Kellie(who also might have SA), Chrystal(LDS), Jessyca, Angelica(Catholic-Christian), and Melissa.

I have this thing where I close myself off from people whenever my *GA overwhelms me, and I go a while without talking to anyone. I keep on thinking that I've gotten too dependent on others, and that I need to get used to being alone, but it's not that anymore. It's that I opened up to Angelica, Chrystal, and Jessyca a lot more, and I think that it makes me not want to open up to any of them for fear of being too much, and too annoying. They keep on telling me that it's okay, that they're always here for me, but... trust doesn't come easily to me, at all. Usually I'll talk about things without expressing emotion, or being emotionally present.

What can I do to maintain my close friends, and confide in them like I should, because when I do,

*(My therapist and I have been talking about it; does that count as diagnosed, or am I offending people?)
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