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hello there my friends! to be quite honest, I don't have SA or anything like that, I just wanted to kill some time and I discovered this site with a great forum I guess..!
but everyone's welcome aight?

I'll start of by telling you a little about myself I guess...
I'm just a 14 year old guy who came across this site 4 am in the morning since I just woke up from one of my dreams..!

I'm not a regular 14 year old boy, that's right! I love music that's why!
I don't listen to mainstream techno and that's why I'm not regular because I'm the 1%

I play loads of instruments. I started playing the piano when I was 7, moved on to my favorite 4 stringed instrument, the bass
then I spotted a guitar and I gave it a try.

I don't quite enjoy playing alone so I'm quite lucky knowing people sharing the same interests as I do.
I usually grab my bass on the weekends and jam some music with a couple of friends, it's the best feeling ever, let me tell you that!

I just got this camcorder recently and I'm excited to record some videos!
what if I got famous on Youtube and I could make money?!
I could swim in plectrums all over my room and I could sleep on a piano!!
how amazing wouldn't that be?

other from that, I've just started to 'work out' recently.
actually it all started 6 months ago I think when I was watching this show and everyone had this amazingly huge muscles!!
of course I wanted those so I began my journey.
it's been though but I do train 3 times a week. I love running the most...
it's a great hobby being in shape and I'm not going to quit!

well, I recently spilled tea all over the bed again and I'm most likely screwed! :afr
well, it was green tea anyway, it smells pretty good so I guess it doesn't matter

why am I talking about tea?? I think I've gone off topic
that's when you know that's the right time to end a thread I guess...

happy new year! sincerely, Mich xxx

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Hey MrightX welcome. :hyper

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Welcome, MRightX! :)
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