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I realized that I am MUCH busier this year than I have really been, especially this season. I remember how the few times I would get out after being at home in my room for days I was getting really happy and I was telling myself I should be out like this more. Now that I work this year I am busier and I do more. I don't go to concerts or take cruises or anything like that but I still go more places and I stay more active. That is one positive thing I have going right now.
If you can work and get out of the house, it helps and you will be happier. Maybe not 100% but it beats being at home all of the time. And you realize there are alot of fun things to do. I'm working on my swimming this year. It has taken me SO many years to learn to swim under water and I am practicing in my friends pool. Its only 5 ft so its safe enough for me to practice. :banana
I noticed one thing swimming helps with is anger and a little bit with anxiety. The past couple of swims I come out with no anger or frustration. I let everything slide-at least for awhile.
Get swimming,get exercise. it helps and you will be less depressed. I guarantee some improvement. :)
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