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Tonight my Dad if forcing me to attend a church youth group for people over 18. I suffer from social anxiety and am extremely nervous. I feel like I want to vomit. I need some advice on how to cope with this situation. :hide
I am pretty sure my son has social anxiety issues and he belongs to a youth group. Take small steps, going into new things, no one really expects you to be the life of the group, being a new member there is expectancy that you will be somewhat shy, so use this as a stepping stone. There is alot of activities that my son wont do as a youth member of our parish, but he accepts himself enough to accept this fact but he still attends and does what he is comfortable doing.
OUr experience of youth group is very welcoming and not pushy at all and very encouraging. I wish you well and can't advise, but only to tell of my sons experience.
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