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I can usually make a good first impression... and people will invite me to do certain things.
Then I either accept or reject.. depending on the vibe I get from the person.
However, this all turns into turmoil because I'm the king of awkward silences and forced sounding conversations when I have to talk to someone where I can't break it.... such as eating dinner together.

Even though I may perform well on my job, my co-workers will be promoted and I'll eventually become the outcast like it always happens.

I fear that I'll not be able to work with my co-workers well and everyone knows team work is important

Stuff like this happens on a everyday basis and it makes me miserable.

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I've always been the 'quiet one', the 'serious one,' the 'strange one', the asocial outcast who disappears during lunch, etc, everywhere I've worked. I just learned to live with it. I just work because I have to make money... I have no high ambitions, I'll admit. I'm okay with that... sort of.
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