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Cool story, bro!
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If I died tonight my first thought would be where….
Am I gonna go? If it’s hell that’s not fair..
I walked upon the narrow road but God was not there.
fed sparrows, kept the flowers clothed…I was left bare.
showers flowed on the stairs of Heaven so I drowned.
I guess that’s His way of telling me to stay down.
Now I get the point, hit the joint, and chase the crown…
With another shot of whiskey till it burns me to the ground.
They said I’m being risky and that Christ is on the way…..
I worry more about the crisis that I face from day to day
the thought of death scare me; Uranus in the 8th
Neptune in the 9th makes me too afraid of faith
What’s the other choice? Where’s the option for the ill-
Like me-
Without a voice I’m always made to feel
normalcy evades me; prescribe my *** a pill…
That makes me more crazy; and the terror more real.
Many nights I feel my soul leave my body still..
Heart pounds and explodes like a weapon concealed.
Step into my world, yield and look both ways..
It’ll blindside you quicker then the speed of sun rays.
Some days I run the same phrase through my head—
Repeated and compulsively—they’ve left me for dead.
Who pulls all these strings? Are we ultimately fed..
Right back to the earth without a single strand or shred
Of evidence, are memories our only form of prints
Left upon this globe and washed away in the rinse?
Eyes blink, strobe like, Rapid Eye Movement.
It’s the end of the world all along- I knew it.
If I die tonight I will know that I blew it
If I die tonight I know the flame is my new friend
If I die tonight I’ll get used to it.
If I die tonight I’ll accept it’s the end.
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