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Idebenone for anxiety?

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I read a post from someone who stated that Idebenone was great for reducing anxiety and also that it was just as good or if not better than Phenibut. Idebenone though seems to be rarely talked about on the forum.

Has anyone had success taking Idebenone for social anxiety?

Edit: Or any experience at all, good or bad.
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You would probably get more responses if you post this in the medication section.
Hi, I think IDB is a great supp, gives you concentration, energy, makes you feel good, makes your skin look good.

I think it can help with anxiety, just try it!
Good stuff IMO

Haven't been taking it for too long but really really excited about the initial results. Definitely seems to lower my stress and anxiety levels. It also gives me a clear headed feeling that makes me think I should be feeling more like this usually and maybe do not because of my many years of depression / anxiety. Calmthenerves added it recently and it's way cheaper than the ones I've seen elsewhere. eBay has it in powder form for cheap too though if you don't mind it like that....
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