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and found:

1-People don't call me SON anymore!

2-They don't ask "are you going to college" they ask me "How many kids do u have?"!!!

3-They all imgaine I've Higher-Education!

4-I've a pooooor memory!

5-Know nothing about Electronics!

6-MP3 players don't cost US$200 (the cheapest)

7-CD music players "you can't find it for sale anymore!

8-Post Offices are empty!

9-I can't wear Shorts anymore!!

10-DSL internet do not cost US$400/monthly!

11-WAP services are not there anymore!

12-no one know what is ICQ.

13-School Students don't have to keep their hair short

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I woke up and found:

1. My bossages at work are 5-10 years younger than me and think they are wiser than me.

2. I have to spend at least $70,000 worth of home repairs to even make my house sellable for $150,000.

3. My last gens continue to burden me. Most people move on from their last gens when 30+ and only 1-2 years away from 40, whereas I simply got more and more entangled with those stubborn invalids to no apparent end.

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I woke up and found

The cat I adopted has been fighting and has a bung leg and can't get out of the boat where it sleeps

I've run out of smokes

I got offered I job yesterday and they want me to start an hour and a half ago ( probably should check phone more )
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