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I noticed a similar lazy related thread lower down the page, but I don't wanna hijack someone else's thread.

So like the title suggests, I have a really HUGE problem in picking up my life and doing something with it, I can't find motivation to go on through with my college although, my father spent alot of money on it, I have yet to tell him I need to take a supplimentary year in order for me to finish it, and that I need money to pay it, although the deadline for me to register for another year is 1st of October, besides that I can't find any motivation in searching for a job, I don't even have any idea what kind of job I want, I don't know what jobs I can do, I literally have no passions that can help me pursue a career in that field, and me finding a job is really something urgent considering my father is 61 years old, he is thinking about retiring in a couple of years, so basically I need to take the reigns really soon on our expenses, that's also kinda messed up because I am just 22 and I feel too green to handle all that responsability.

The problem now stands as I can't find the motivation to make things happen, and I have a hard time focusing myself in doing so.
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