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Okay, I know I've been off of this site quite a bit lately, but for good reasons. I finally took a huge step in beating my SA/depression by just going for broke and opening up to my closest friends. I didn't really hold anything back and I just unloaded all my fears and psychological problems on them. Now I could very well just be HIGHLY fortunate in having a very caring and supportive network of friends, but they actually ARE capable of relating to me in some instances. I have found a friend able to help me with at least some problem in my life and it has really been helping me out in not just the way I view life and myself, but how I view other people.

People are not horrible, and they do actually care about others we just need to open up to them a little bit from time to time. When we close ourselves up to others, they tend to do the same causing us to resent people. (And I know this to be true for at least some of you out there because this is EXACTLY how I felt about people for a very long time). When we don't reach out to others and have been hurt by people we tend to isolate ourselves from the world which really causes us to hurt ourselves more than we realize. The truth is that for some of us (not all of us as I am fully aware there are some of you who experience a far greater depth of SA I cannot even imagine nor comprehend) I think we have just been so deeply hurt by people it has left such deep wounds and we refuse to let them heal by opening up to others out of fear of repeat scenarios.

So my advice to those of you out there who have people, open up to them. You don't have to come right out and say everything, in fact I would advise against it. But just throw something small out there and build upon it. There is always the chance you could wind up hurt in the end, but there is also the chance you could create something which is truly transformative in your life. Now I understand this advice cannot help everyone on this website and could potentially offend some, but if in writing this I can help just ONE person, then writing this was worth my time.
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