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In retrospect, I'm certain I had this disorder as a child. For the first month of preschool, I would not speak at all at school. As a child, I was labelled as shy and was reluctant to speak to people. I don't think I had social anxiety as a child, but I think I had some form of anxiety. I used to worry a lot about the dumbest things. I think social anxiety set in somewhere between grades 6-8. I am self-diagnosed.

The thing that puzzles the heck out of me is the overlap of these two disorders. Is my fear of phoning or texting someone 100% social anxiety or is it 100% selective mutism? Or is it most likely 50-50? How am I supposed to work on treating these disorders if I don't know which is which?

I have no job and no health insurance. I am trying to treat these on my own by socializing on the internet. Trying to do this is what led me to the conclusion that I have selective mutism. Even on the internet where no one knows me, I cannot even engage in a live text chat (like in a chatroom).

It may also be worth noting that I think I'm autistic as well.
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