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:) Yay...I survived the appointment. (I had an ultra sound and blood test, I went with my mom, but I was alone for blood test...a while ago I had made a post here "needle phobia" if you are wondering) I think I am no longer afraid of blood tests, only a little bit nervous...just so I don't see the needle or anything and the person doing it is experienced (I'd probably freak out if I saw it). And that was my first one. I'd get a blood test any day over a shot (I will forever hate shots....) If I had done it a couple of months ago though, I wouldn't have been able to cope as well. I needed the time to really want to do it and get my mind into it. I was worried a little bit about who the person would be that was going to do it, but good news about that! When I was waiting around for an ultra sound, a girl came by and asked me if I was there for a blood test...I said no. Later on, after the ultra sound, I waited back in the waiting room for a blood test. That same girl who I had seen earlier, who I thought seemed nice, called me for the blood test! So I already got to know who it was and what they were like a little bit, before it.


*I get up and walk in the area*

The area had a few small little cubicle type areas I think, with a chair and a table. I didn't really like the trapped, squished feeling of it, but it was okay. She closed the curtain a little.

"Can you roll up your sleeve please"

*While talking, she's putting this blue rubber thing around my arm and wiping off my arm*

"So you decided to get your blood drawn afterall?"

"Yeah" I said.

"Did you see the dr.?"

"I just got back from an ultra sound" I said.

"Are you enjoying the sunny weather"

"Somewhat" I said.

"Ohh, I wish I could trade places with you"
(I felt somewhat bad, she must really love her job, lol)

*I look away and she pokes me*

Little later...

"Doing okay?"

"Yeah" I said.

She takes the rubber thing off and finishes...

"Can you hold that please"

*I hold down the gauze...then she puts some tape over it*

"Can you spell your last name?"

So I spell my last name. Then I leave.

That's basically how it all went. The girl looked like she was in her late 20s or 30s.

She had brown hair in a pony tail and wore a blue outfit.

The ultra sound was okay, I was glad that I didn't have to put on a gown.

I was only tense at times today.

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I used to be so scared of blood tests. I had one in the ER in December and one about three weeks ago. I looked away, felt a sting and that was it. That's how they found my thyroid problem. I had put off this second blood test for months. I guess the ER was wrong because I could have sworn they said my thyroid was okay but if you don't test properly you can't find the TSH or whatever that goes up with hypothyroidism.

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I am glad it went well for you. Blood tests shouldnt be horrifying; most people I draw are amazed at how little they feel.
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