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I taught a class :D

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My mom is an art teacher and she was offered to teach at this private school for summer camp which she couldn't do because her other classes are at the same time.
So I had to be a teacher for 4 days, basically teaching art to a bunch of 7 year old girls.

I really thought I would pass out.... I was soooo nerveous, on Monday I went with my mom to observe everything, which really helped because I helped some kids and they seemed to like me.
The next day I was on my own,a bit tense but thank god no panic attacks, I actually relaxed and enjoyed teaching, we did a fun bead necklaces and bracelets which they really likes and then played a game. I think it also helped the fact that they were all girls and young, which is in my comfort zone.
Anyways I taught 3 more classes the following week, despite the fact that I was sick 2 out of 3 days with a bad cold, we really did have a great time and my heart melted when on the last day at the end of the class, 2 girls came over and gave me a hug... awww :squeeze

So yeah... I never thought I could survive in front of the class and actually teach, but I did it, Yay!! :boogie
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Congrats! :yay
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