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I passed my driving test

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Hi all,

just wanted to say on Saturday I went for a job interview and got the job. Also today I had my driving test and PASSED!!! First time. I was anxious but i still got it.

Am so happy now.
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Thanks guys,

I stalled the engine twice and parked liked crap but still passed. Today I have being driving everywhere!
thanks again everyone. Am glad i did get a job and a licence. Lol before i had neither. Now I have both.
Hi Ott,

its just at a supermarket three times a week, but i get insurance as well which is taken out of my pay ( and I am a foreigner here) so then I can get medical care, see a dentist lol

(all the things that I can get back in my own country)-it sucks being an Auslanderin (german word for for female foreigner)

suxs cause i have a degree but a good start when the language is not quite there yet!!!l
Thanks again all for the positive feedback.

Had a bad expereince at the dentist morning. Oh well I knew my good luck had to stop somehwere!!!
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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