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Cool story, bro!
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True story:

I used to know a girl with vines on her back
With a sentence she had hidden within it
‘if you believed what you felt then you would be in love’
I only see now how she meant it
Everyday on the minute, when the clock read two 11’s
We would lock hands and make our wishes known
She was always in it; my secret pursuit of heaven
But sometimes the thought of heaven leaves you feeling all alone
So I’ve grown a little bit, learned some stars are facades
Especially true when they fall
Don’t sweat the little ****, ignore fate, but trust God
and learn to read the cues on the wall
Yeah, they call them shooting stars
Your hope in them is bullets
And then they go straight to your heart
Yeah, they call them falling stars
They make my stomach plummet
And they tear my world apart

I swear mistakes are razor sharp, regret is a blade
How could we forget all the love that we said or we made?
I was bleeding there alone with no medical aid
On the phone with scenarios hypothetically made
Or pathetically made, I know its one of the ‘etically’s’
said it was my fault but would you take some of the credit please?
Or most of the credit better yet all of the credit
You’re the one who cheated on me then called and said ‘Regret it’
I once knew a girl, angelic on the surface
the very definition of serenity
But when all was said and done she left me feeling worthless
fooled me three times like the Trinity.
First time was shame on me-The second was hers
I’ve forced the third time into a blur-
Master manipulator, tried to suck me back in-
Like ‘Chris just remember try to remember how we were’
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