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I actually met capt. Paul Watson two days ago (Aug. 23), the founder of the Sea Shepherds and captain of the anti-whaling ship Steve Irwin at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history in D.C yesterday. I work there as a museum docent. I'm a fan of the show Whale Wars and the group - I literally just watched the final episode of the season a day before, imagine how suprised I was to literally turn around and see him walking through the exhibit I was working in!

At first I couldn't believe it was actually him, then I saw he and another person he was with both had Sea Shepherd t shirts on. Unmistakable. It was actually him. Needless to say I got nervous as hell - but for some reason, not going up to him was unthinkable.

I walked up to him and asked: "Excuse me, are you capt. Paul Watson?"

He nods - (kind of cautiously if you ask me, he probably gets a lot of criticism from people) but smiled when I told him I was a fan. Got to talk to him for a little bit. Afterwards I thought I should have taken a photo with him. I managed to catch up with him as he was leaving the exhibit and ask for a photo with him. The other guy he was walking with took it for us.

It was an awesome day at work to say the least!
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